Star Certificates will be awarded to students who secure above 60% in each subject in the term examinations,


70%-79% Bronze Certificate,

80%-89% Silver Certificate,

90%and above Gold Certificate.

Star Certificate is also awarded to

students who secure 90% or above in Value Education.



0 Certificate for 100% attendance

0 Proficiency Award forAcademics.

O ProficiencyAwardforCo-curricularactivities.

0 Proficiency Award for the outstanding students ofthe year.

0 Good chit student ofthe month.

0 Good Chit class.

6 Good Chit Card.

0 Daily Quiz Championship.

0 Individual Champions- Sports & Cultural.

0 Best Speaker & Best Actor award.

0 Hall of Fame,


A unique honour given to a student:

it School topper in each subject in the Board Exams.

fi National level Championship(Representing school)

a» Any other extra ordinary achievements(Jury to decide)

A cash prize of Rs.1000/- a Trophy and a photograph will adorn

the walls of ‘Hall of Fame’


Student Performance Analysis is used to determine the progress

ofthe child on a monthly, termly and annual basis. It is a unique tool

to ensure self-discipline. It is a positive approach towards making

the students responsible for their deeds. This is aimed at providing

transparency in selecting students for various awards. Students Will

be able to analyse his/her performance on a regular basrs. Every

activity of the student is taken into account: academics, CO-curricular,  behaviour, responsibilities, neatness etc…